raging calm

All music has a different meaning or resonance to everyone who listens. And it’s the listener who decides.

To me, the listener, RAGING CALM has always been the contrasting moods of two beaches 10 miles apart. Freshwater East and Freshwater West. East is a tranquil place of dunes and rock pools facing back towards the Bristol Channel and the rest of Britain. A shelter from the storm. West is wild and exposed facing up to everything the Atlantic Ocean can throw at it and generally throwing it all back. It’s a famous place – a film star! It’s an unruly attention seeker, unlike its benign and reclusive namesake to the east.

I spend more time east than west.

This photograph was taken at Freshwater West in february 2011. It had been a stormy month and the foamy sands were littered with all kinds of flotsam and jetsam. It was the seahorse that stood out to me. How did it get there? How did a child’s toy become lost at sea only to be found washed up on this wild shoreline? This is exactly how I found it. Charging westwards back towards the surf.

So wrong it’s right. I wonder where it is now.