music for a rainy day

So what do you on a rainy day in Suffolk?

We were there for a few days in april 2014 staying in a barn near Blythburgh. It was sort of a working holiday – eldest son working on his dissertation and middle son revising for GCSE’s. I was hoping to chill out a bit but ended up working lots thanks to a mysterious hacker who gained access to my web server!

The music was provided by Liam who, although pretty conscientious with his revision, had brought his guitar along. The song I will always associate with this photo is “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake. Liam did a great job of teaching himself how to play and sing it. Odd tuning. I asked Liam what it was and he said “I dunno – Nick Drake tuning.” He needs to brush up on his theory and stuff.

The photo was taken in the morning. The rain eased a bit later on so we took our youngest son to Framlingham Castle – the older 2 electing to stay behind and work. Not daft. My boys know I’m a sucker for charity shops and any visit to an English town usually results in me dragging them in and out of PDSA, Red Cross, Oxfam etc… What we didn’t realise is that Framlingham is the hometown of Ed Sheeran and it turned out that Ed’s mum had donated a load of his clothes to the local charity shops a few weeks before. So we returned back to our barn with genuine Ed Sheeran t-shirts for Liam.

He was, and still is, made up!