incandescent (2004)


A myriad of moods and styles from the pop electronica of SKYLANDER and MOMENTUM, through new age of THE BOY WHO WAS BORN TO BE KING, chilled out and gently unfolding seascapes DISTANT SOUND OF THE SEA and GRADUALLY BECOMING CYCLONIC to solo piano pieces LOST WITHOUT YOU and RISING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF SORROW. 

INCANDESCENT made the ECHOES top 25 in october 2004 and was selected as #2 Electronic/Contemporary Instrumental release of 2004 by BACKROADS.

“Jon Short and David Jones wield their myriad keyboards, synths, and other instruments like master painters would use their colors on a blank canvas. Incandescent shines both brightly and softly, depending on the track, but always the music is illuminating music which is wholly enjoyable.” – Wind & Wire

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