natural power (2000)

natural power

DEEP SKY DIVERS debut release on MP3.COM in 2000 and remastered for CD release in 2003.

Featuring instrumental music (ambient/electronica and film/tv music) recorded between 1991 and 1994. The 15 tracks cover a broad spectrum of musical style from the mood music of RAGING CALM through the laid-back acid-jazz of STRIDE FOR STRIDE to the “bombastic symphonic electronica” of ETERNIA.

“…an amazing debut. The music featured flows from soft rock to ambient seamlessly through a musical texture that is soothing and inspiring. A must!” – The Loft

“If you’re not familiar with ‘Deep Sky Divers,’ you should be. I highly recommend you check them out immediately. They have a collection of soft electronic tunes that simply must be heard…” – Gods of Music

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